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              Flutes of the Forest

       Native American style


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Richard Cunnington  14/12/19


Hi Phil Really pleased with the flute you made for me, the craftsmanship is excellent and the sound is just what one would expect from this lovely instrument. I am really enjoying playing it. I am sure in time I will be back for another flute. Ten out of ten. Kind regards. Richard



Rebecca Cammish 25/12/18


I just want to say how amazing the flute is you made for my husband. It was a Christmas gift from myself and he hasn't put it down since it was delivered. It is beautifully made and finished plus it also sounds incredible. I bought him a flute a few years ago from a large music shop and I can honestly say it doesn't come close to the one you have made for him. Thank you so much you have certainly made his Christmas special. We shall be ordering again in the future.


Kim Allen     19/10/18


I needed some help with choosing my flute as I have small hands and Phil was extremely helpful,I settled on a f# small bore and it is absolutely awesome! Don't hesitate to buy from this man, he knows his stuff and is a total craftsman when it comes to flutes,will be highly recommending him at my flute circle!



Stephie Griffiths  04/08/18


Phil, my drone is awesome. I am in love with a piece of wood!!! Thanks so much, i am absolutely delighted with her. She is the pride of my collection!


Doreen Clarke     04/08/18


Good afternoon Phil  --  my flute has just arrived and in perfect condition  --  thank you !   I tried it immediately and even in my very inexpert hands it produces a beautiful tone, it is just what I hoped for, so thank you once again.  I hope to be able to play a few simple tunes before my trip to Scotland in the autumn when I plan  to sit in my tent in the evenings and make gentle music,


Gillian Moss  14/06/2018


Hi, I'd like to say that firstly the recommendation from Phil was perfect, as I needed advice as to which flute I possibly needed, he responded very quickly and it was so easy then to choose my flute. It arrived safe and sound and with excitement I could wait to open it and see my beautiful flute and of course hear the sound. I have to say I am overjoyed with my new addition, I have played it everyday since it arrived and so excited to be performing next week in our Sound Meditation session. So Thank you so much Phil, I would highly recommend and I will once I've saved a few pennies be looking at another to start my collection. Thank you so very much. Kindest regards and blessings Gill



Joseph Redhead  24/04/2018


I just wanted to say that the Flute arrived and it sounds great!


Thanks for all your help,



J J Chatwin  08/03/18

Hi Phil Just a quick message to say I received the bass flute today, it’s a wonderful work of art and it plays beautifully too. Many thanks


Dennis Blackford 28-01-2018

I purchased my first Flutes of the Forest Flute from Phil in 2011 and then 5 more. Every one was well made with beautiful voice. After a long break, I was tempted to look at Phil's latest flutes and was instantly taken by a Basswood flute with Yew inlaid fingerboard - sometime you just know what is right - which I subsequently purchased. The flute arrived quite quickly and was well packaged. I am most pleased with my new friend - the quality is still as good as my other flutes of 7 years ago and the flute very sweet of voice. A worthy addition to my growing family of flutes. I get a feeling that I my be looking at more of his flutes in the not so distant future.




Mary Trenfield 2016.9.6 17:20

I recieved my flute on monday, great timing on Phil's part as he knew I would be away for the few days preceding, much appreciated. The flute is beautiful and has immediately taken pride of place on the mantle so that I can admire it when not playing. It's an F# drone and it's tone is etherial and haunting. I'm so glad I discovered Flutes of the Forest a beautiful instrument and really good value.


Gary Davis 2016.11.17 17:13

My flute arrived today, what a beautiful piece of woodwork, Phil you are a wonderful craftsman. I just hope I can learn to play it well enough to do it justice...




David Jenkins 2016.9.14 23:18

I received my E minor maple flute the other day and have hardly been able to put it down. It has a lovely mellow tone. I am getting great pleasure from it and am tempted to buy another one in a different key.

Thank you, Phil.



Linda Lane 2015.8.11 08:55

Thank you so much for making such beautiful flutes, l bought a little one last year and it truly sings it's heart out! I was so glad to see you again at Milton Abbas P.I.P.E powwow, and delighted with another beautiful flute, so deep and mellow, l shall have a lot of fun with this one too. It was also lovely to talk with you and your love of the flutes really comes out with you the way you talk about them. A flute made with love and respect will have a beautiful song inside them, and it is our job to discover the birthing song and celebrate it. Thank you.



Linda Lane 2016.6.14 10:51

Just recieved another beautiful flute from you, a wonderful bass flute which such a mellow voice which l am now enjoying getting to know. Every flute is alive and has a soul and a song of it's own, and the maker is so important too to bring it all to life, and all l feel is love coming from this flute. Thank you Phil



Stephie Griffiths 2016.6.22 19:51

I just wanted to say how delighted I am with my new Beech Flute.  Not only is it beautiful in design, but it sounds divine.  I've never played the flute before, but after a few initial teething problems (which I hasten to add was all down to my inexperience!!!), and some steering from Phil, I'm now playing quite well. In fact my husband thought I was listening to a CD, not playing, yes, seriously! Thanks Phil, I'm so chuffed! love Stephie.


Today I received my second flute from flutes of the forest.  This one is Oak and Sycamore in the key of A.  I am again delighted! It's a pretty little thing, stood next to my Base flute! Not that it's spent much time there, as I have hardly stopped playing it since it arrived. I like the modification Phil's made to the blank too. Being higher in pitch, it's a much jollier sound than my more sombre base flute (though both are lovely). Anyway, delighted once again.  Thank you again Phil for such a beautiful instrument! And thank you to my wonderful husband for treating me to it for my Birthday! Next purchase will be a drone once Phil has sourced the Walnut!


Darren 2014.2.25 16:46

I've just bought my first Flute from Phil, a Blackthorn A, and i'm very happy with it. I'm not an expert when it comes to playing, but do own a few NA Style flutes, bought elsewhere. The Blackthorn is the cheapest i've bought, but you wouldn't know this from either the build quality, or the playing. It has a smooth, quiet voice, which is a joy to play. Being a branch flute, it makes the feeling of being close to nature even more so, especially as it's been left in a natural state. Looking forward to adding another Flutes of the Forest flute to my collection in the future.



Berry 2013.7.17 10:16

My flute is made from a beautiful spalted maple branch with naturally occuring figuring over its entire length.

Above all it has a true voice of the forest,rich and mellow.

I am truly grateful to the power that enables Phil to have such a natural feel for the wood, guiding him to so skillfully craft such an instrument.


My flute (Oak & Black Walnut Key E) arrived today much sooner than I expected.

Not only is the flute beautiful, it’s crafted with precision and produces a wonderful, perfect pitch voice.

It is totally evident you pour love and pride into your work. You have a fantastic gift and I am very grateful to now own one of your creations.

Many Thanks once again.




Amanda Reid 2012.9.21 18:45

I have just purchased a first flute for my husband from this site.  I liked very much that I could hear what the flute sounded like before choosing the right one.  We have friends who run a regular Native American flute group and we are looking forward to joining the group.  This flute will be both my husband and my first opportunity to grasp the instrument.  The flute is an F# sycamore and walnut.  It is most beautiful to see, hold and hear.  It feels a privilege to own such a wonderful piece of craftsmanship.  I think we are truly lucky to have such a beautiful object to learn with.  The voice is evocative, clear and resonant.  Thank you, Phil, for your skill and craft.


belinda 2012.5.23 19:29

My flute has arrived, I am delighted. The internet said that this Phil guy makes great flutes and that this is his gift for the people. They are right I think.


Marc 2013.10.1 20:18

In my opinion Phils flutes are beautifuly made,sound lovely and are the best out there.I currently own 4 which will increase.The willow branch flute being one of my favourites.He's very helpful and efficient and i would recommend his flutes 100%.


Paul Caswell 2011.12.1 17:13

Hi I have just bought two flutes from Phil, his flutes are beautiful to the eye as to the ear. A true artsian I am looking forward to playing his flutes to the standard they deserve . Thanks.


Cloudsong 2011.12.10 15:55

Hello to you reading this thinking about buying one of his Flute.

YOU WILL not be dissapointed.

I am a professional player / teacher of the Native American Flute and have few flutes for there sound and indeed type of woods there made from.

I am very particular about how they are made and to what sound i am looking for.

In the end i had to visit him ( Phil as i now know him ).

I can tell within one breath wether the flute is playable or not. In this case i was very plesently suprised. It does every thing you want it to do when you desire the sound you have in your head to translate it through the wood.

I had been looking for some time for an F sharp and have almost come close to buying some thing that is near to my standard, but i have not. Luckely for me i waited and waited until i met Phil and played his Flutes.

I BOUGHT THE F sharp i had been looking for.

After our meeting i took it to where i live which is Glastonbury and played this in the Abbey where i am a regular vistor to the Chapel were the sound quality is out of this world. I blessed the Flute and the maker before i started and then it sang.

This man has found his gift to all people who love the Native American sound.



                                                        My word is true for i am Cloudsong.

                                   ( maker of Native American craft and teacher of the old ways )



Frank 2011.7.17 11:40

Great flute, really pleased with it and the service was excellent.


Phil 2012.6.3 11:04

My flute arrived on 1/6/2012, a cedar and maple in G and wow what a supprise, a well made lovely sounding flute i was blown over, pure quality. If anyone reading this is thinking of buying a flute look no further Phil wont let you down. I have 6 flutes by various makers and this is my new favorite.


john kendall 2011.5.18 17:27

ive got flutes from other places but this one i got from you is lovely plays nice sounds nice and looks nice im sure your be well known very soon peace to you my friend .


Phil 2011.3.12 03:47

Thank you for the flute I am a happy man! As a beginner its taking some getting used to, but I'm starting to get into the flow of things now and getting a really nice sound out of the instrument. On your site the flute looked very handsome, however I am even more appreciative after recieving it as the mix of oak and hawthorn looks lovely. You've helped initiate a new hobby, I am very grateful and I will be sure to drop your name amongst friends!


Kevin 2011.8.1 21:23

This is a truly beautiful crafted flute made from American black walnut. The tone is delightfully mellow. I have several flutes which I use for my own spiritual practise and in retreat work. This flute has already become a firm favourite and I will undoubtedly be purchasing another from Phil. If you are thinking of buying a flute I urge you to look at and consider Flutes of the Forest.

Peace and all Good



Jennie Yeates 2011.2.16 22:14

Thank you so much for the beautiful flute!!! I bought it as a gift for a very special person and they were delighted with it...and I am jealous!!!  I hope to treat myself to one sometime soon before your prices and the demand for your craft gets beyond me.  You have an amazing gift, I'm so glad I found you.

Warmest regards Jennie.


yellowriver 2011.7.18 12:51

steve king (yellow river) from liverpool

just recently bought a native flute from phil robinson from forest flutes besides being lovely to look  at the sound is amazing

i am only new to playing native flutes but i will be playing and buying  more flutes from this wonderfull craftsman

 in the future thanks phil steve the cherry flute owner (nu wah doe he yaw duh)


Ralph Ventura 2010.12.30 04:48

Hi Phil I received your flute finally and I must admit it was worth the wait. As a fellow flute maker I must say that you do great quality work. Keep up the great work on your flute journey and many blessings to you always. Aho


Valourcrest 2011.1.20 19:47

Hi Phil,

Received Flute today excellent service, am really pleased. I'm a complete beginer with this but somehow feel that I'm in safe hands with one of your flutes, the workmanship is top class. Your going to get very busy once the word gets round, these are so difficult to get hold of sourced in the UK.


linda clark 2010.11.21 16:37

hi phil,just wanted to say thanks for the flute i purchased from u yesterday.i was very impressed with the workmanship and value for money,kind regards linda


Giovanni 2010.3.9 17:22

I received the flute. Is fantastic!!! Bravooooooo!!!


nigel 2011.11.10 23:37

well Phil I now have my third flute from you, it came today. Each flute is individual each plays so well this one has a lovels sweet tone and has a wonderful feel to it. the flute will be great for travelling and will take it on my travels.

The question is will I buy another one from you, well I wouldnt be surprised.

thanks again for sharing your skills as a flute maker with all of us who are blessed with one of your flutes.

Play in peace



nigel 2010.8.29 23:42

Hi Phil

well after buying my first flute from you I thought I would be buying a second and I was not wrong. On you site the flute looked good but when I received it I was really pleased. Like my first flute it plays so well and the tone is sweet. By giving it extra breath the sound gets a richer quality. Thank you for sharing your gift as a flute maker with us lucky enough to buy one of your creations.

play in peace





Nigel 2010.4.4 19:59

Hi Phil

the flute I had from you is wonderful. The tone is rich and clear and plays so well. If this flute is typical of your work you truely are a gifted flute maker and anyone who plays native american flutes should have at least one of yours in their collection. I now have one and think that I will be contacting you for more.

Play in Peace




Dennis 2011.11.26 16:53

A friend wanted me to buy a flute for him and teach him to play it.

I decided on Cedar or Fir as being ideal for a beginner and the obvious place to look first was Flutes of the Forest.

As it happened, he had both available and I chose the Fir - plus I couldn't resist adding another one of Phil's flutes for myself.

Quick delivery as always and another beautiful flute that played sweetly and pure bringing my total to 5 Flutes of the Forest. Where will it end?

I urge anyone contemplating a new flute - whether it be a first or another for a collection - check those available on Phil's site. All are superb craftsmanship and I am certain you will not be disappointed.

Thanks again Phil


Dennis 2011.8.4 16:41

Flute number 4 from Phil - bringing my collection to a straight two dozen!

Oak and Ash woods - being very connected to the ancient Celts - make a good combination for my ceremonial & Earth Medicine work.

As with the other flutes from Phil - this one is beautifuly made. I only have one other in this high key of A and find this one a particularly pure and sweet sound, I know that it will be a favourite of mine for my work.

I was playing the Oak, Ash & Thorn from Phil, up on Dartmoor recently, when a man and his wife came over to compliment the beautiful sound of this instrument that he hadn't heard before. The sound must have travelled for a good 100 yards. During our talk I found that he was a music teacher, composer and performer on the guitar and concert flute - so praise indeed for the sound of Phils flute.

Can I stop at 4 flutes from Phil? I rather doubt it.


Dennis 2011.3.1 08:53

My third flute from you arrived safely thanks. Having now purchased three of your flutes has to be a good recommendation of the quality of your workmanship.

The choice of woods blend very well and make a very good overall picture. You have made a wonderful job of her and the voice is marvellous. She has very strong energy and connects with the old British Celts. I look forward to playing her in ceremony.


Dennis 2011.1.17 17:23

Hi Phil

Received flute safely today thanks - ordered Fri, received Mon. Beautiful finish and sound - plays as soft as I want and as loud as I want without any faults or overblow - very good for a relatively new flute maker when some more experienced still produce flutes that overblow too easily. I am extremely pleased and will be watching the site for more flutes - I only have about 18 at present! I have a large, wall mounted flute rack - but the supplied stand is so nice that I will be using that for this flute.


Dennis 2011.2.3 14:31

Dennis's flute 2 - Maple and Walnut.

Flute arrived today safely. Beautifully made and has a superb tone - lovely deep and mellow (like Maple syrup?) - responds lovingly to gentle handling.

Anyone who has several Native American style flutes will soon find that one of the joys of them is that every flute has its own characteristics and sound - even two of the same key, similar wood, and same maker.

Listen to a 'F' in Oak and then play a 'F' in another wood - perhaps Cedar and even a tone deaf person would hear the difference.

Take different flutes from different makers - e.g. I have two Oak, same key different makers and there is a great difference reflecting the energy of the person who has made it, the type of wood, the spirit of the wood and the energy of the person playing it.

As with Native American style drums, each instrument is individually made and so has different energy that flows when it is played.


Dennis 2011.2.20 19:03

I took my Maple-Walnut flute to Sacred Circle today and played at the beginning and end of the Prayer circle.

Several people remarked how beautifully made and wonderful the flute looked. I don't think they had heard a low 'E' before and many were taken by the beautiful deep, mellow voice of the flute. - something they had never heard before.



George Mitchell - Nature's Song Flutes USA. 2010.1.24 21:04

Hello Phil. The website looks great. I like your cedar flute, looks great. Twila and I wish you the best of luck with your flutes. Just remember to keep to the path my friend and stay in touch.


Tahoe Larry 2010.3.26 12:43

I received your flute last week and as a fellow FluteMaker you did a really nice job. The sound is loud and the tone is crisp and clear. Good Job.  Thanks Phil!  Peace-Larry