Flutes of the Forest

                   Native American style



Sales are on a 7 day return basis. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, if it is returned within 7 days and in the same condition that it left my workshop a full refund will be given. Return postage is payable by the customer

SD 2 SD 3
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To view the flute pics click the links below

buffalo buffalo buffalo SD7 SD 3 247 Yellow pine  C (1)

For Sale

247 Yellow Pine C 248 Douglas fir  C (1)

For Sale

248 Douglas Fir C SD 3 279  Maple  D (4)

For Sale

279 Maple D 290  Beech  D (1)

For Sale

290 Beech D 271 Maple & Redwood  B (1)

For Sale

271 Maple & Redwood B