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Hello and welcome to my site, my name is Phil Robinson                  and probably, like you, I have an interest in Native Americans and especially their flutes.


      My first real encounter with the NAF was when I met my wife

Shirl, she would play panpipe music relentlessly. I'm not saying that I dislike the music but for me there were only tiny parts that I can say were great and appealing to me. Anyway, earlier this year (2009) I tracked down the instrument that made the sound that I found so appealing and so my interest in the Native American flute was born.


       I don't profess to be a flute maker I am just an average English guy that has made the effort to learn how to do something and hopefully I will continually improve and hone what skills I have.


       I started to try making flutes in March 2009 and found how easy it was to make kindling for the fire, I had embarked on a very steep learning curve teaching myself wood turning and about flutes as I went along. I had the expected failures but with every failure I learnt more and more about the instrument and the process of making them.    


       On the following pages are flutes that I have made and they are for sale. I have put small sound clips on the pages so you have an idea how the flute sounds. I must stress that the sound clip is just the raw flute with no other electronic input ie echo reverb etc etc If you would like to  purchase one of my flutes  contact me via my email address below and we could then discuss your requirements.





                       Thank you for looking at my website


                       Peace on your chosen path my friend


                                Regards.........Phil Robinson

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Fear not the competition,

      aspire to be better.

                             Phil Robinson


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